Sunday, 19 September 2010

Degree Show June 2009

Tranquil Reverie
This is one of my designs from my degree show. I did four final designs but thought I would put my favourite up as they would take up quite a lot of space! The four designs were based on light and movement. I focused on some key images from my drawings (jellyfish and dragonflies mainly) and produced designs through CAD and printed them digitally onto different lightweight fabrics. The colours used were based on water and ink. Some are dark and some are light. I chose this piece to link all the fabrics together and I presented them on a black wall to emphasise the light in the designs. My Designs were featured on a trend forecasting website for a while which was a great opportunity to get my work known. This was by far my favourite project from my degree as my style really developed and I ventured onto larger scale designs and development.

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