Sunday, 17 October 2010

Living at home once again I have started to look more into what makes people feel happy. Here are some pictures from my recent sketchbook (which doesn't really have a theme just random drawings and mark making) and some pictures from my home. Bit of a pointless post but these are the things that make me happy today...
Sketchbook Scraps

Ink & Stitch

Pen Sketches
The recent work from my sketchbook is mainly the unfinished pages and scraps of ink and paper. Collecting memories and small pieces of inspiration is the kind of mood I am in today. Being at home sat by the fire and looking through old photos is a good way to spend a lazy sunday.

Button Collection Age 7

At Home

Contemplating memories had in my home makes me feel happy and content. Hope you enjoy the post even if it is a bit pointless! 


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