Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Whispers in the Woods

During my time at my school placement I was involved in designing and creating the set for the upper school play 'Whispers in the Woods' created by the National Youth Theatre Of Wales

Whispers In The Woods is a fairy-tale story that is darkly enchanting. It brings together snippets of familiar tales and characters against the backdrop of a Romeo and Juliet style tragic love story
Reviewer: Cathryn Scott (theatre-wales.co.uk)

Tailor's Shop

The Forest

Tailor's Shop in the Forest

Friday, 19 November 2010


To forget you sounds so easy, yet there is no harder thing,

For what am I to do with all those memories that cling,

So closely that I cannot hear a time or pass a flower,

Without recalling incidents from some sweet bygone hour.

How can I forget you when I know not where to start, and

How can I erase the words you carved upon my heart.

To forget you is not as simple as it seems when even

While I sleep, your voice is speaking in my dreams

Words by Kathleen Partridge