Monday, 2 May 2011

I love the sea

Lately I can smell the sea from my bedroom. Apparently this is a sign of good weather! lets hope so. This easter holidays has been brilliant, a well deserved break (if you don't count the time I spent writing my dissertation!) otherwise some lovely weather and good times. We had a lovely BBQ on Friday. We could see from north shore all the way to west shore from where we were, some scrummy grilled chicken and vegetable skewers and lots of fish and salad. Here are some pics from the holidays, we had a lovely walk Friday evening along the beach and the pier.

North Shore

Lost Crab

I've been preparing for school starting again tomorrow, here are some examples of using recycled materials I've done for the textiles group, quite enjoyed getting back into some stitching.

Mixed Media Collage

Recycled Materials

Also I've signed up for the sketchbook project 2012! very excited it's been a while since I've done any of my own work so I'm looking forward to doing something new! Keep an eye out for updates on how it's going :)

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