Friday, 10 February 2012

Ltd Edition Sketchbook Project

Finally started my sketchbook for the sketchbook project ltd edition, don't have as much time to do this one but maybe that's a good thing as it's forcing me to work on it without breaks in between! so far so good, my theme is: "the secret and how to tell it" i'm focusing on codes and embroidery using hand stitching and photography to create a secret and telling it through code. Here are some pictures from the beginning of the project:

The back of the embroidery is also quite interesting as it creates almost a different code and pattern.

Also this week we have our family reunion. It's quite a big one and I've been routing around for pictures. Here are some of my Uncle who was on H.M.S Sheffield during the war:

H.M.S Sheffield

H.M.S Sheffield in Russia

Uncle Iorwerth on H.M.S Sheffield

Japanese Suicide Bomber Crash

Some very interesting photographs from this album taken by my Uncle Iorwerth and his friends aboard this ship, unfortunately I don't have a scanner so they are of poor quality here but surprisingly good quality for the time and some interesting events captured. 
Right, time to make some cakes for the reunion tomorrow!


  1. love the code embroidery, and we only have a month to get these in now haven't we? I'm doing one on 'Threads and Surface' so more embroidery, stitch and embellishment this time for me too....

    1. Not long now! I'm panicking a bit as I haven't done much been too busy with work, trying to get as much done as possible! looking forward to seeing your work on "threads and surface" x