Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Digital Printing and Sketches

Well so far this project is quite inspiring! I've had loads of ideas and I've working on some digital prints and stitching.
 I've been working from my own photographs and previous research from my degree for the sketches and embroidery.
I like the image of the whole jellyfish but will probably cut this down to sections when I stitch into my prints later.

Early stages of my embroidery

For my digital prints I used my own photographs and ink work to create a flowing feeling. I used thin, translucent fabrics so they would catch the light, similar to those I used in my degree show. I am going to experiment further with thicker fabrics to see if the colours will be deeper and I will hopefully be stitching into these using some of my sketches and initial ideas.

This project is moving quite quickly so far (unusual for me!) so I will be updating here with pictures and ideas. Watch this space :)

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