Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Initial Ideas

Using my photographs as a starting point, I have started to manipulate them in photoshop using other photographs and ink work that I have scanned in. I think I am going to try and print these on to fabric, then add some stitch and maybe some devore print to burn out sections of the fabric using stencils. At the moment the colours are looking quite bright so I might try to reduce the colours at a later stage. 

So far I'm still feeling inspired and I have lots of ideas I want to experiment with!


  1. I quite like that the colours are bright Nerys.. it really reflects from your degree show. The image reminded me of the reflections from under the fabric at the show.. beautiful! xx

    1. Thanks Lindsey :) I'm developing from my degree show so it's nice to know it reflects it well! I will hopefully be printing these on fabric soon! x