Friday, 27 July 2012

Ruthin Craft Centre

Well it's been a while! my internet has been down for a ages and I've been busy with work, but now its summer holidays!! and my internet has come back to life. 

I recently took a trip to Ruthin Craft Centre for some inspiration for school and found some interesting ideas. The artist Olivia Brown had some great bags which used screen printing: 
(sorry for poor quality pics, only had my phone on me)

There was also some interesting ceramics and heat set fabrics which gave me lots of inspiration for September!

They also have a very nice shop with magazines, books and all sorts of beautiful crafts, very easy to spend money!

I have also had a bit more time to be working on some embroidery for the Embroiderer's Guild exhibition next year. I have been stitching into my printed designs and I hope to do some more collage work soon, let me know what you think so far:

This is the print I worked on

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